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About the product

PRO SHIELD is a reusable, comfortable and practical face shield. It is constructed from durable quality products and protects the user from liquids, solid particles, and foreign objects accessing the face. 

PRO SHIELD face shield weighs only 95 grams, and its construction lets the user work comfortably and safely throughout the whole working day!

PRO SHIELD face shield is used in everyday work as individual face protection equipment.
Our face shield is designed based on the recommendations and needs of professional specialists in various fields.

PRO SHIELD is used in:

  • Healthcare - medicine, dentistry, etc.
  • Metalworking
  • Woodworking
  • As an individual protective equipment (e.g. Covid-19 emergency situation)
  • Home and garden work and other situations where it is necessary to protect the face from liquids, solid particles or foreign objects
  • Lightweight and durable materials – PRO SHIELD face shield is very durable and light, it weighs only 96 grams!
  • It is reusable - with proper care, the face shield will last the user for a very long time
  • It doesn't press on the face - our face shield construction doesn't press on the face and lets the user work safely and comfortably all workday long!
  • Comfortable for users with glasses - PRO SHIELD protective glass is at a sufficient distance from the face to prevent it from fogging when the shield is used, it's practical for users with glasses
  • Customization options - work safety can also be visually appealing! Create your own unique face shield design by displaying your company logo, a writing, or an image on the decorative strip!

To order PRO SHIELD face shields, please fill the price quote request form

After filling the form, our Sales Manager will contact you within 24 h or sooner! 

The order lead time depends on the amount of face shields ordered. After filling the form, we'll contact you with further details on the pricing, production times, payment procedure, and the available delivery options!

Choose one of our PRO SHIELD face shield designs (or create your own)! Additionally, you can select white or black forehead support part color to match your design best.

Our available designs:

  • Black

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  • White

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  • Belt of Lielvarde

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Yes! Create your own unique PRO SHIELD face shield design - you can place your logo, a writing, or an image on the decorative strip! 

When filling the price quote request form, add your logo or image file (max file size 5 MB, recommended file format - PNG).

If you need any help with creating your design, please describe your design idea in the message field on the price quote request form - we'll create it together!

Additionally, you can choose the color of the forehead support part - white or black.

PROS SHIELD face shield is designed with a curve, ensuring that the face isn't pressed on during use and doesn't cause discomfort. 

Silicone rubber strap can be adjusted accordingly to head circumference. The silicone rubber material is pleasant for the skin.

The protective glass fully covers the face from the front and the sides.

The 0.75 mm thick polycarbonate protective glass is impact resistant. It retains its shape and doesn't give in to folding or bending. 

The silicone rubber strap can be adjusted easily and does not stretch.

PRO SHIELD protective glass protects the user from liquids, solid particles, and foreign objects accessing the face from the front and sides. It fits snugly on the forehead without creating free spaces, thus providing face protection from above as well.

Depending on the situation, in addition to PRO SHIELD, personal protective equipment (such as cloth or disposable face masks) can be used.

We are open for cooperation to develop the product further - we'll be happy to take your suggestions into account!

You can request a face shield with a shorter protective glass.

For inquiries about different shape face shields or other special requests, please contact us - we'll talk about the possibilities!

Use & care

We recommend to care and disinfect the face shield regularly to ensure PRO SHIELD will serve you for a long time.


  1. Dampen a non-abrasive sponge or cloth with water or any common household glass cleaner solution.
  2. Gently clean the surface of the shield with the damp sponge.
  3. Dry the protective shield with a dry microfiber cloth or a soft cloth.



  1. Disinfect the face shield with an alcohol-based disinfectant according to its instructions of use.
  2. Polish the protective shield glass with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

Some useful tips:

  • After cleaning the PRO SHIELD face shield, wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap.
  • To clean the forehead support part of make-up products, we recommend using wet wipes for removing cosmetics or cleaning surfaces. 
  • For long-term use of the protective shield, we recommend that you do not soak the forehead support and decorative strip parts in water or other care products. Instead, lightly clean and dry these parts of the shield, then disinfect the shield and polish the safety glass.

We recommend to clean and disinfect the PRO SHIELD face shield regularly to prolong the life of your face shield. Cleaning is preferably performed at least once a day after use - or more often. Disinfection can be done as often as needed during use. 

If it's not possible to clean the face shield immediately after use (e.g. there is no access to water and care products), disinfect the shield - you can perform the full cleaning procedure at the nearest possibility.

If you are in a situation where you cannot immediately clean and disinfect the face shield (e.g. you're on the road or have no access to care products), place it in a bag or other packaging where you can safely transport and store the face shield until the nearest possibility to clean it occurs. 

Clean the used face shield whenever it's possible to do it. 

After the cleaning and disinfecting procedure, wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap.

PRO SHIELD face shield forehead support piece is made of closed cell polyethylene material which doesn't accumulate or soak up dirt. 

Gently clean the forehead support with a damp, non-abrasive sponge during the cleaning procedure to mechanically remove any dirt particles on the surface.

You can use makeup when using your PRO SHIELD face shield.
Depending on the amount of makeup used, the inside surface of the forehead support (which presses against the forehead and is not visible during use) may get slight discoloration over a long time of use of the face shield and makeup.

To ensure that the makeup does not affect the face shield, clean the forehead support after use with wet wipes for makeup removal or cleaning surfaces.
We recommend to clean the forehead support part right after use to efficiently brush off any makeup remains.

To ensure a long life for your PRO SHIELD face shield, we recommend to not soak in water or any care products the face shield decorative strip and forehead support part..
Clean these parts of the face shield with a damp sponge and dry them off, afterwards disinfect the shield and polish the protective glass.

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